Wallerby Mining Products manufactures its own Calorimeter Vessel which is compatible with most other modern makes. The advantages of our Calorimeter Vessels include:

•    Top quality product at a cheaper price
•    Complies with Australian Standard AS1038-5 and with British standards
•    Greater wall thickness allowing for more thread re-cuts increasing the life of the bomb body by 60-90% over other brands
•    All materials used in the construction of the bomb body, cap and closure rings are tested by a N.A.T.A certified laboratory to prove only the best quality materials are used.
•    Heavy duty electrode parts are used to increase service life
•    All parts are kept in stock to facilitate a quicker turnaround when servicing the bomb.

Wallerby Mining Products also offers a complete Calorimeter Vessel service including:

•    Recap (replacement of closure rings)
•    Repairs
•    N.A.T.A registered pressure test reports
•    Full compliment of spare parts for Wallerby Mining Products and most other makes of Calorimeter Vessels
•    Hire and Loan vessels

All workmanship is supported with reports, quotations and certificates.

Calorimeter Vessel
Calorimeter Vessel
Wallerby Mining

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