Crucible Swell Number Apparatus

Laboratory Analytical Equipment

Our Crucible Swell Number Apparatus is designed to simulate the behaviour of coking coal samples when heat is applied to each sample.

The apparatus complies with AS1038.12.1 for use with LPG gas and is constructed from the best quality materials, designed for ease of operation and to provide a long trouble free operational life. The apparatus is fitted with flame failure devices on each burner complying with the latest Queensland and New South Wales Standards

Each burner is fitted with its own flow meter, isolation valve and flame failure device.   It is also fitted with hose and regulator ready for connection to the gas supply.  The top lid is hinged allowing easy access to the 3 burners and for adjustments. A full range of spare parts are readily available.

Crucible Swell Number Apparatus
Crucible Swell Number Apparatus
Crucible Swell Number Apparatus
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