The Coal Striker Mill is a small Swing Hammer Crusher consisting of 8 rotary hammers passing over a perforated screen. It is capable of sizing 6mm top size material to -212 micron in one operation and conforms to Australian Standard  AS.4264.1.

The Coal Striker Mill is available in either a manual, automatic or the new cyclone model. All models are capable of crushing a sample from 6mm to less than 212 micron.  It is constructed from high quality steel with stainless steel liner plates guaranteeing a long service life.  All mills come as a complete unit fitted to a motor base ready to be connected to power & air supply.

Features include:

•    Front mill cover is hinged and latched for ease of access
•    Fitted with safety cut out and magnet lock out switches
•    Sample receival canister is pneumatically locked
•    Seals are fitted to the mill casing and receival canister reducing dust emission
•    Air purge is provided for the purpose of cleaning the crushing chamber and bell housing
•    Tungsten carbide faced heavy duty hammers
•    Powered by 3 phase 415 volt
•    Selection of screens are available in mild steel and stainless steel ranging from 1.6mm to 0.5mm

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