Rotary Sample Divider (RSD)

Sampling Preparation Equipment

Wallerby Mining Products Rotary Sample Divider or RSD as it’s also known, is designed to divide large volumes of samples into true and accurate sub-samples. Our RSD is highly regarded as one of the best quality and most competitively priced in the coal, iron ore, civil, gold and concrete industries, just to name a few.

Our Rotary Sample Divider (RSD) is available in a range of sizes from 5 litres through to 200 litres. The 10 litre to 200 litre capacity models are constructed from RHS tubing and fitted with heavy duty castors, offering a light strong maneuverable machine.

The hopper, feeder tray, segments, guard and bin are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

The variable control on the feeder allows the operator to vary the rate of feed into the segments for different types and sizes of product.

The carousel is fully guarded and fitted with a safety cut out switch giving the operator a safe working environment.

All units up to 150 litre capacity are controlled by 240 volt power while the 150 litre and 200 litre models are controlled by 415 volt, 3 phase power.

The segment configuration is usually 7 x 1/8 segments and 2 x 1/16 segments however this can be adapted depending on your requirements.

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